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Sun Tran
Making Biking & Riding Easy

Tucson is one of the premier bicycling communities in the country. With our abundant good weather and the numerous health and environmental benefits associated with bicycling, it makes sense to get on your bike and ride.

Sun Tran makes it easy to bike and ride. Bike racks are mounted on the front of Sun Tran buses, and bikes are allowed inside the streetcar, so you can transport your bike anywhere. Best of all, by riding Sun Tran, you save money, help reduce pollution, and ease traffic congestion.

Racks, Lockers & The Streetcar

Bike Racks
Loading & Unloading

Sun Tran buses are equipped with a bike rack on the front bumper that can hold up two or three bikes, depending on the rack model. If the bike rack is full, please wait for the next bus. Bikes are not allowed inside buses, unless they are fold-up styles.

You are responsible for loading, securing and removing your bicycle from the bike rack.


  1. When the bus arrives at your stop, let the driver know you’d like to use the bike rack.
  2. Squeeze the handle on the top of the rack, then lower it.
  3. Lift your bike and place it on the rack in the wheel slots closest to the bus. If there is already a bike in the rack, load yours facing the opposite direction.
  4. When your bike is loaded, lift the tire hook over the front tire to secure it in place.
  5. Remove any loose items or valuables from the bike.
  6. Now you’re ready to the board the bus and pay your fare.


  1. As you near the stop, remind the driver you need to remove your bike.
  2. Lift the tire hook from your bike and lift the bike off the rack to the curb.
  3. If no other bikes are on the rack, please return the rack to its upright and locked position.
  4. Return to the curb and wave to let the driver know you and your bike are clear of the bus.
Bike Lockers

Sun Tran has a limited number of bicycle lockers for rent at the following locations:

  • Golf Links/Kolb Park & Ride
  • Speedway/Harrison Park & Ride
  • Old Vail Park & Ride (near Rita Road)
  • Houghton/Broadway Park & Ride

The bike locker rental fee is $30 for six months.

To request a Bike Locker Application Form, contact Sun Tran’s Marketing Administrative Assistant at: (520) 206-8814.

For more information, please contact (520) 792-9222 or for individuals with TDD equipment, call (520) 628-1565.

Bike & Ride
On Sun Link
  • Cyclists dismount and wheel your bike to the stop. You’ll enter the same streetcar doors as pedestrians.
  • Look for seats that face each other and locate the yellow handle on the corner of the seat. Flip the seat up. Now you have room to stand with your bike.
  • You’ll stand with your bike on board. There is a designated area in the center of the streetcar for you to stand with your bike.